Victoria Morse

Victoria was born and raised in Atlanta where she began taking yoga classes in 2012. She quickly noticed the mental and emotional transformation yoga was providing, and dove into a training to deepen her personal practice. To say yoga changed her life is an understatement. She went from studying Biology at Kennesaw State to traveling the world seeking shamans and healers to learn how to heal herself in order to heal the world. Victoria firmly believes each and every time we show up and do the work to heal ourselves, we heal a piece of the planet— a piece of the whole. The more mindful of ourselves we become, the more mindful we are of how we relate to others. Universal change starts within.

Victoria’s goal is to hold space for her students to truly honor their body, breath and being. The physical aspect of yoga is a wonderful tool for students to begin to transcend their practice off the mat into everyday life. Through yoga, we can all experience greater peace and joy.

Victoria completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Peachtree Yoga Center in 2014, and her advanced 300-hour training at Living Mandala Yoga in 2017 and holds the highest designation with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT500.

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Dominique Davis

Dominique was introduced to yoga over 15 years ago after retiring from competitive gymnastics on the regional and national levels. She felt an immediate connection to the physicality of yoga jumping and sometimes tumbling (old habits…) head first into the worlds of Bikram and Ashtanga. Over the years she has realized through the sweat, tears and smiles of her practice that it’s not the physicality of yoga that’s kept her coming back to the mat all these years but the stillness, space and clarity it creates in her life.

Dominique recently moved to Atlanta, GA with her family from Santa Barbara, CA. A native of St. Louis, she is a graduate of the University of Missouri with a degree in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. She is a mother of two and was a committed (ever-expanding) yogi through both pregnancies. She credits her practice for helping her through both pregnancies and deliveries. Motherhood and her love of learning are what inspired Dominique to become a teacher: she received her 200-hour certification in Atlanta, Georgia with {Sacred} Thread Yoga in 2018.

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Deana Panza

Deana began practicing yoga as a teenager. As an athlete, she was always looking for new ways to physically challenge herself but ended up being inspired by the therapeutic and transformative powers of yoga for the mind, body, and breath. Throughout her life, Deana has always been drawn back to her mat as a place to relieve stress, get grounded, and find balance. She is committed to consistently deepening her knowledge and understanding of yoga and meditation both as a student and a teacher.

Eager to share her passion with others, Deana completed her 200-hr training at Hotlanta Yoga in Atlanta. Off of the mat, she is working towards a license in professional counseling and combining her knowledge of clinical mental health with the holistic healing abilities of yoga and meditation. Deana’s classes emphasize proper alignment, a strong connection to the breath, and self-awareness. She strives to bring a sense of fun and freedom to her classes while imparting bits of yogic wisdom along the way. Hers students leave her classes with a sense of empowerment, strength and energy.

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Kimberly Hamilton

Kimberly initially became interested in practicing yoga to help manage life’s stresses while pursuing an acting career. When she began to experience all the healthy benefits of yoga and noticed how much her yoga process helped her develop a stronger sense of presence and mindfulness in her art as well as other aspects of her life, she soon felt a longing to share her yoga practice with other artists.

As soon as she graduated from the 200 hour Teacher Training at Peachtree Yoga, she immediately began teaching “Yoga For Actors” classes at The Robert Mello Studio, specifically designed for creative types and geared towards easing stresses of any lifestyle. As much as she loves touching lives through her performance art, she finds even more fulfillment in creating customized themed yoga classes based on the specific needs of her students. Although the themes Kimberly’s classes can vary based on the variety of participants, every class is aimed to promote physical growth, increase mental awareness, and deepen spiritual peace.


Jimmy Rabb

From his first class nearly 6 years ago, Jimmy knew that he wanted to help grow yoga’s presence in the world. A practice that began as a method to regulate the body and improve vital functions, soon became a tool to organize thoughts, emotions and energies. In yoga, we refer to thoughts, emotions and energies as subtle bodies. Once the subtle bodies become organized and strive in the same direction, wants will manifest into reality and higher dimensions of life are established.

Jimmy is a 200hr Prajna Yoga certified instructor. Prajna is a style developed by Tias Little with similarities to Iyengar and Ashtanga. Prajna combines meditative practice with the power and grace of Asana training. Through a process that requires sensitivity and inner listening, students explore the sheaths of connective tissue, muscle and bone in order to bring about greater wakefulness, luminosity and space within. Underlying this style is that we don’t do poses for the sake of the pose, but for the quality of attention within the pose. The word Prajna in Sanskrit means insight, deep understanding and mindfulness.

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Megan Nare

Megan Nare’s teaching style reflects her belief of the power of turning wounds into wisdom. She empowers her students to explore the transformative power of asana, meditation, and pranayama as a tool to heal both the body and the heart by creating sweet moments of reflecting in her classes. Megan graduated from Hatha teacher training in 2012 at Tough Love Yoga under the fierce instruction of the Neda Draupadi Honarvar and dedicates her offerings to work of her guru, Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati.

Ebony Cou.jpg

Ebony Molock

Ebony Molock was first introduced to the joy and art of yoga while in college. Having experienced intense levels of stress, she embarked upon a journey that would change her life. Ebony not only discovered a path to self-healing and self-care, she also discovered a deeper spirituality that enables consciousness along with willful and positive intention. Embarking on her new spiritual journey, she later awakened the Divine Feminine and discovered the essence of Shakti Yoga (a sense of being awakened in your spiritual body that is manifested through the principles of divine energy, especially when personified as the supreme deity). As a RYT – 200 Yoga Instructor and Meditation Coach, her mission is to help other’s find manifestation through the power of Shakti. Embracing their spiritual being and allowing the inner Goddess/ King to emerge and become whole.

Ebony formally trained under the guidance of Yoganand Michael Carroll and Cristie Newhart and completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification at The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.


Kandra Lackey

“I am a continuous student of yoga. Yoga ignites me to follow my curiosity. It nurtures me to grow in my passions of promoting diversity, unity, and self-care through stillness. I aspire to cultivate a perfectly imperfect environment where yoga is for everyone and every body.”

Kandra teaches a breath-focused vinyasa flow that emphasizes intelligent sequencing, precise hands-on adjustments, yoga philosophy, humor and heart. Kandra’s yoga study includes Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200hr) designation through Core Power Yoga, continuing education and workshops through Thunderbolt Power Yoga, and Alchemy of Yoga Immersion (100hr) with her mentor Elizabeth Rowan. Kandra has also attended yoga workshops with Dana Trixie Flynn and Kino MacGregor while maintaining an ongoing personal yoga and meditation ritual.

Awilda Rivera.jpg

Awilda Rivera

A native New Yorker, Awilda found yoga after she moved to Atlanta. The transition from a major city where she knew everyone and had a strong network was hard and she knew that she needed a safe space to nurture herself. As an Athlete, she never took yoga seriously, writing it off as lazy stretching. Then in November 2013, Awilda took her first class and was hooked. The community, self-awareness, and physical health she gained through yoga inspired her to find ways to share it with others. She has taught at various yoga studios, schools, libraries, Road Race Starting Lines, and on her curated international retreats.

Awilda has completed an abbreviated traditional apprenticeship, a 200 Hour training at Nirvana School of Classical Yoga, a 95 hour kids & Family certification, and a 30 hour continuations education course with Alana Kaivalya. She is dedicated to sharing her craft and studying not only the movements but also the philosophies of yoga. As a result, she is able to make the postures and philosophy of yoga accessible to pupils of all ages. She is a firm believer in alignment, verbal cuing, hands on adjusting when appropriate, and balanced sequencing of classes. Awilda always makes sure each student is having a prescriptive experience that benefits them directly.


Emily Gibbs, Kundalini

Emily began practicing yoga in 2005. As a dancer growing up, she always loved stretching and movement and easily fell in love with yoga. Developing a home practice that soon formed effortlessly into sadhanas, she found that yoga was a tool to get in touch with her inner self and quiet her mind. In 2011, Emily took her first Kundalini class and knew that this was where she was meant to be.

Emily received her KRI 200 hour for teaching Kundalini Yoga in 2016 from Mukta Kaur Khalsa and Dr. Gurusahay Khalsa, who both studied with Yogi Bhajan in the 60’s and 70’s. She is also a Grounded Kids Yoga teacher and loves to include art and creativity into children’s classes and special workshops for adults. Emily believes that our natural creative self is awakened and flows more easily after yoga and meditation.

Her heart’s desire is that all of her students will learn to connect with and follow their hearts, that they will learn how to use their breath to bring calmness and clarity of mind, and that they would love and accept themselves fully, enabling them to share love and acceptance with others.

Gina Polce.jpg

Gina Polce, Meditation

Gina Polce had her first experience with meditation 5 years ago to aid in healing from trauma. Little did she know it would change her life completely.

“At some point along the way, I learned that the thoughts and patterns I accumulated could be altered. Meditation allowed me to step back and really see what was happening and why.” Learning this valuable lesson and studying under a talented healer inspired Gina to teach others that mindful living leads to a happier, healthier life. She wanted to take her knowledge a step further by attending the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. As an Integrative Nutritionist, she combines her 10 years of culinary experience with up to date psychology to truly help people find balance in their lives. Now, she thrives on leading guided meditations to invoke a deeper mind body connection and leading mindfulness meditation to heighten awareness.

Gina is a Health Coach, owner of Roots, and an esthetician at Indigo Wellness. She holds a safe space for her students to gain a deeper self awareness, thus deeper personal growth. She encourages her students to take the breathing techniques they learn and apply it to everyday living. “The more we breath, the better we feel. The better we feel, the richer the life