New Beginnings

The start of the day brings with it reassurance that the night has passed, making way for new opportunities, no matter what has come before. It reminds us of the predictability of the daily cycles. That first light that forecasts the sun’s appearance awakens the winged ones, who sing and chirp happily at the advent of another morning. It’s a time of fresh beginnings from which we can create whatever kind of experience we desire.

When you witness the initial stages of dawn without the benefit of a clock or other timepiece, for a while you may not be able to discern whether the sky is really lightening. The stars remain visible, and shadows of the night still shape the landscape. It is that way with any beginning; it is difficult to tell where the old ends and the new begins. Gradually, however, it becomes clear to your senses that the light is definitely increasing; and as you continue to observe, the world slowly wakes up, accompanied by all the sounds, smells, and freshness associated with it. Soon, the first glimmer of the sun shows. A new day has begun.

This is a time to say farewell to the old and honor the new by releasing any self-imposed constraints or resistance to the truth that you know. This is your chance to develop that project you have been thinking about, embark on that adventure you have dreamed of going on, and take risks in initiating what your intuitive self has been telling you to do.

As this prospect becomes increasingly visible and real, doubts and uncertainties may arise. But rest assured- just as dawn inevitably turns into dusk, by heeding your inner guidance, you will succeed.

With all that being said, most of us have no idea how great our bodies are designed to feel! It’s easy to continue to put your wellness routine off until you have more time, that perfect meal plan, that new pair of yoga pants or even that really nice water bottle. Maybe you’re waiting for the weather to warm up or cool down or a million other scenarios to be perfect before you are ready to try something that could make you feel great. You don’t have to wait to have the perfect lifestyle or wellness routine— in reality, baby steps are proven to have more progress. Start today by doing one thing daily and it will lead to great changes with time. The trick is to be consistent!

Here are a few small ideas to get you started:

  • Do squats while you brush your teeth.

  • Label your water bottle so you drink 1/8 every hour.

  • Add seeds to your salads.

  • Add adaptogens like maca or ashwaganda to your smoothies.

  • Read a book for 10 minutes before bed (not your phone.)

  • Swap your lotion for a nourishing oil for skin hydration and detoxification. (Curious about what you should try? Take this quiz:)

  • Do 10 reps of alternate nostril breathing as soon as you wake up to start the day balanced and calm.

  • Separate your workout clothes from your daily wear and plan your sweaty outfits so they match. (You’ll feel more confident if you feel you look cute!)

  • Sip on hot water while you make breakfast.

  • Drink your coffee after your first meal.

  • Add chia seeds and turmeric to your water bottle for hydrating anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • Shut off electronics an hour before bed and establish a nighttime ritual to set your circadian rhythm.

  • Take the stairs and always park in the furthest parking spot.

Simple things make the biggest difference! Instead of focusing on being perfectly healthy, focus on the small things that make your body stronger.

Victoria MorseIndigo Yoga